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landscape design

We specialise in garden and landscape construction and deliver large and small projects from concept to completion. We can offer a  complete service and will take your initial ideas and convert them into your dream garden.

We consider line, form, colour, texture, and scale to ensure movement across the space, make the landscape visually appealing to the eye and add interesting shapes and materials.

Garden design and landscaping

CWJ has their own experienced team that can manage your project from start to finish. Mark has over 30 years of experience in horticulture, landscape design and construction. Whether you are looking for decking and planting schemes, a gazebo or bespoke garden room, natural timber planters, a pond or a driveway, we can make your ideas come to life.

At CWJ Landscapes, we can help you transform your garden from scratch and make your outdoor space the envy of your friends and neighbours. Let us help you choose the best plants and trees for your soil, natural grass or artificial, living walls or pots, ponds, fountains, and fencing; we can offer you the complete service. Our timber experts can design and build a bespoke shed or garden room, arch, pergola, or gazebo. We can even design and construct a treehouse.

Patios, paths, driveways, and decking

We can lay your patio, path, driveway, or decking using different materials to suit your needs and budget. Gravel paths, expensive stone pavers, concrete render, or blocks, are all part of our comprehensive service and are laid by our professional team.

Driveway in grey blocks

Just let us know what you would like, and we can clear your existing path, patio or driveway or build you one from scratch. We can build on slopes and at angles, using construction techniques to give you a garden on different levels.

Garden fencing and gates

Our team are experts in working with fencing and timber. We can advise you on the best solution for your property and will undertake fencing installations with consideration for your neighbour’s boundaries.

We offer a range of fencing solutions, including close board, acoustic, decorative panels, bespoke gates, security fencing and bespoke screening and trellis.

Ponds & water features

We can offer many design solutions for water features and garden ponds. The sound of water in a garden is an attractive feature, and small water features often don’t need a water supply.

Modern water features, in stainless steel and glass, work in both modern and traditional gardens, but older style features such as a millstone or cherub can look out of place in a contemporary setting.

Therefore, whether you are looking to renovate an existing pond, install a new water feature, or fancy a series of cascades tumbling through your garden, have a word with us first, and we can create the perfect haven for your garden.

Interior landscaping

We are often asked what an interior landscape is? Well, it is the same as an outdoor one, but inside. Adding living plants, flowers and other natural elements to an indoor space will benefit your health and add style and natural elements to your home or office.

Your indoor planting theme could be a Japanese garden with mini fountains, pebbles, rocks and bonsai trees, or it may be tropical with moisture-loving plants or a herb garden ready for those fantastic master chef ideas.

Get in touch today to make your garden dreams a reality.