Environmental policy

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Wild flower and bee

We always work to the highest standards as the environment is at the heart of our business. We feel we have a responsibility to wildlife, nature-friendly areas and micro-habitats.

We are always keen to improve the natural value of the gardens we work in and are happy to suggest the best materials for each project, composting, and recycling where possible.

We are keen to use garden areas to attract wildlife, whether with planting, water features or to create ‘greener’ spaces and wildlife havens. 

From a practical perspective, here are a few ways in which we work to make our company green as a whole:

  • Our green waste goes to a professional firm for composting.
  • Soil waste and hard core is sent to a recycling plant where the soil is graded and cleaned. The hard core is crushed, and we repurchase this to use in our other landscaping projects.
  • Timber goes to a company that recycles it into log briquettes, kindling or firewood.
  • Any timber we can re-use, we keep and re-use, including fence posts.
  • Oak sleeper offcuts are re-used to make oak coffee tables, chopping boards, and other small timber projects.
  • Any wooden garden furniture is cleaned and passed on to people who can’t afford new.
  • We use electronic communications and reduce paper in the office; cartridges are recycled, and we encourage recycling in the workplace.

We have a waste carriers’ licence to transfer waste from one place to another.