Driveways, paths and paving

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Driveway in grey blocks

Driveways improve property values

Laying new driveways is an excellent way to increase the value of your property especially where parking is at a premium.

With every construction job, there are considerations. A driveway that has heavy use may be better laid with concrete rather than block paving. Other alternatives are tarmac, shingle and gravel.

Driveway before work

Our team can undertake the excavation work and groundwork for new drives and paths. Alternatively, suppose you are renovating or landscaping your garden, or car parking area. In that case, our team are experienced in laying a wide range of surfaces from block paving, concrete, gravel, shingle and resin bound driveways.

Paths, paving & decking boards

The range of colours of Indian paving range are incredible and vary from silvery-grey, yellow to golden to more contemporary colours such as black or grey. Whatever your kind of lifestyle outdoor project, traditional or contemporary, there is a garden paving whether it is a limestone patio paving or grey granite slabs.

A very popular one at the moment is a beautiful mix of subtle shades of warm greys, browns and autumnal tones making it perfect for patios and garden spaces.

There are many different options to choose from but the most popular are resin bound, block paving and slabs. However, as landscape gardeners, we have lots of ideas that you might be interested in talking about.

We can design and lay both curved and straight paths. There are paving ideas and practical walkways, and we can always work to a budget.

It is always important to create balance between your path and your garden. Materials such as gravel are versatile and available in different sizes, textures, and colours.

You might have some reclaimed bricks in your garden that you would like to work into a pathway. This can be an environmentally friendly option and there are always online reclaimed brick suppliers if you want to match bricks with your terracotta planters. Combining bricks with gravel is a less expensive solution and can look very attractive.

Decking boards are another option, and they can look superb on a wide pathway. A natural timber feature such as this is very contemporary.

Don’t forget that whatever your garden path idea, light it up with appropriate garden lighting to see your way at night and add further interest of an evening.


Concrete paths and driveways are a very durable solution and excellent for heavily used areas.

Concrete block paving is also frequently used for driveways, and these are available in many styles, colours, and a reinforced option.

Why not ask us to come for a site visit, and we will give you the benefit of our advice before quoting for your garden path, patio, or driveway. Contact us via our contact page or call 01323 884224